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Frequently Asked Questions

Tostado cream cheese, is it pasteurised?

Tostado cream cheese is a processed cheese falls into the category of pasteurised products.

Why can't I find Tostado Aged mixed milk cheese?

Entrepinares Tostado mixed milk cheese, due to the impact of the prize, has had a large increase in sales, therefore Entrepinares has increased production to respond to this demand. Being an old cheese with 10 months of maturation, covering all the demand is not immediate but we continue serving products to Mercadona stores. We appreciate your trust and are at your disposal for any additional questions.

Where to buy it ?: Our products are distributed only through Mercadona and at the moment it is not possible to obtain them by other means. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.

Where does the rennet come from?

The rennet used to produce Entrepinares cheeses is chymosin. We acquire this substance from dairy companies that synthesize it industrially from microorganisms, therefore, the rennet is of microbiological origin, in no case is it of animal origin.

What allergens do Entrepinares cheeses contain?

It is mandatory that allergens appear prominently displayed on the product labeling, therefore, if an allergen does not appear in the ingredient list, it means that it is not present in the product.

Allergens contained in Entrepinares cheeses are:

  • Milk and milk derivatives (including lactose): All Entrepinares cheeses.
  • Walnuts: Mousse with walnuts.
  • Fish and fish-based products: Cream Cheese with Salmon.


  • Gluten and egg: products manufactured by Entrepinares do not contain gluten and/or egg.
  • Lactose-free products: for those products in which the labeling indicates “Lactose-free”, it is guaranteed that its lactose content is less than 0.01%.
  • Protein-free cheese from other types of milk: all products made from one single type of milk do not contain proteins from other species. The rest of the ingredients used in its manufacture are free of proteins from any type of milk.
Are all the cheeses pasteurised?

Information about pasteurized can be found on the label on all Entrepinares cheeses, as follows:

  • In a pasteurized product, the ingredients list will state: pasteurized milk (all species being pasteurized) or pasteurized product.
  • In non-pasteurized product, the ingredients list will state: raw milk or this product contains cheeses made from raw milk.
Can I eat the cheese rind? What does the plastic coating contain?

Information about edibility of the rind can be found on the label on all Entrepinares cheeses. When the rind is not edible this is indicated as “inedible plastic rind”, if nothing is indicated it means that the rind is edible.

A plastic coating is applied on the rind of pressed paste cheeses manufactured by Entrepinares to protect the product, except for the soft cheeses. This coating and therefore the rind which is in contact, is not edible.

This plastic coating contains preservatives and colorants regulated and accepted by food legislation

How do I preserve the product?

The product should be stored in its original container whenever possible, always following the recommendations for use described on the labeling. Freezing the product as a preservation method is not recommended as this could modify its organoleptic characteristics (taste, smell, texture …).

Do you have any more questions? Contact our Customer Care Department, contact.